Ranger™ DX910i


Ranger™ DX910i is the flagship model of Ranger™ DXi family. Equipped with Sandvik intelligence features, this powerful drill rig has an optimized drilling system with a drilling coverage of 290°.

290° Revolving upper structure

Ranger™ DX910i revolving upper structure allows for a 290° reach and 55 m² drilling coverage, saving time by minimizing the need to reposition your rig.

Spacious iCab cabin

Operators experience an extremely low noise level of 73.5dB in the rig’s comfortable iCab cabin.

Range of rock drills

Benefit from the versatility provided by Ranger™ DX910i’s expanded rock drill selection (27 - 30kW).  Leverage the drill rig across a number of applications thanks to the available rock drill options, including a new long-piston RD930C rock drill designed for efficient drilling of larger hole sizes.

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