Ranger™ DX810i


Ranger™ DX810i is a hydraulic, self-contained, crawler-based surface drilling rig. The rig features Sandvik intelligence options, powerful RD900 rock drills, reliable rock tools and an optimized drilling system with a drilling coverage of 290°.

290° Reach

Ranger™ DX810i is designed with a revolving superstructure that provides 290° reach. Achieve 55 square meters of drilling coverage and increase productivity by reducing the time spent repositioning your rig.

Variety of rock drills and applications

Ranger™ DX810i has a selection of rock drills from the powerful RD900 rock drill family (21 kW - 25 kW), making the drill rig suitable for several applications, like road cutting, pipeline drilling, foundation drilling and production drilling in medium size quarries.

Spacious iCab cabin

Operators experience an extremely low noise level of 73.5dB in the rig’s comfortable iCab cabin.

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