Category Spec Value
Overall Dimensions Length (Mast Down) 41.4 ft
Overall Dimensions Length (Mast Up) 39.4 ft
Overall Dimensions Operating Width 8.3 ft
Overall Dimensions Height (Mast Down) 13.8 ft
Overall Dimensions Height (Mast Up) 41.2 ft
Overall Dimensions Total Weight 60000 lbs
MACK Truck Power 505 hp
MACK Truck Axle Rating (Front) 20000 lbs
MACK Truck Axle Rating (Rear) 46000 lbs
MACK Truck Lift Axle (Optional) 20000 lbs
Engine Engine Type CAT C15
Engine Power 580 hp
Engine Speed 1800 rpm
Engine Fuel Tank Volume 175 gal
Engine Water Tank Volume 120 gal
Compressor Compressor Type Reichdrill Single/Two Stage Screw, Oil Flooded
Compressor High Pressure 1070 cfm @ 125 psi
Compressor High Pressure (Optional) 900 cfm @ 375 psi
Drill Pipe Recommended Hole Size 5 - 63/4 in
Drill Pipe Recommended Drill Pipe Length 25 ft
Drill Pipe 4+1 Standard Capacity Up to 1/2 Inch 125 ft
Drill Pipe Up to 7+1 Capacity Up to Half Inch 200 ft
Drill Pipe Drilling Depth Max. 207 ft
Drill Pipe Single Pass Depth Max. 22.3ft
Pulldown & Hoist Pulldown 27000 lbs
Pulldown & Hoist Feed Speed (Standard) 48.56 fpm
Pulldown & Hoist Feed Speed (Rapid) 175.74 fpm
Pulldown & Hoist Hoist 35600 lbs
Pulldown & Hoist Hoist Speed (Standard) 34.11 fpm
Pulldown & Hoist Hoist Speed (Rapid) 123.45 fpm
Rotary Head Type Top Head
Rotary Head Speed Max. 141 rpm
Rotary Head Torque 57300 lbs/inch
Main Frame Diameter (Front) 5 in
Main Frame Diameter (Rear) 4 in
Main Frame Stroke (Front) 48 in
Main Frame Stroke (Rear) 36 in
Main Frame Jack Pad Diameter 18 in
Cooling System Model Mesabi® Multi-core
Cooling System Standard Ambient 110 °F
Cooling System High Ambient 130 °F
Control Station Controls Electric - Hydraulic
Control Station Climate Controls Filtered, pressurized, AC and heater
Control Station Interior Noise Level Less than 75 d(B)A
Hydraulic System System Open Loop
Hydraulic System Filteration (Standard) 12-Micron Return
Hydraulic System Filteration (Option) 5-Micron in-line high pressure
Options Air compressor and Power related: Mesabi multicore cooler package with thermostatic controlled fan for 54° C - 130° F ambient cooler
Options Drill Mast, angle related : Angle drilling 0° - 30° in 5° increments)
Options Water injection, Dust control and related
Drill Mast and Related Hydraulic indexing and hydraulic index lick pins
Drill Mast and Related Reichdrill hydraulic power breakout tong
Drill Mast and Related Hydraukic automatic "V"
Drill Mast and Related 8,500 lb. (3,856 kg) winch
Drill Mast and Related Safety lock on drill pipe carouse
Operator Controls REGEN for increased rapod feed function
Operator Controls Mast lock and leveling jack indicator lights
Operator Controls Isolated and pressurized operator's cab with A/C and tinted safety glass
Operator Controls E-stop shutdow, group - both sides and cab
Operator Controls Drill pipe thread grease system

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