Category Spec Value
Overall Dimensions Length (Mast Down) 11.89 m
Overall Dimensions Length (Mast Up) 10.98 m
Overall Dimensions Operating Width (Mast Up) 8.2 m
Overall Dimensions Height (Mast Down) 4.12 ft
Overall Dimensions Height (Mast Up) 13.5 ft
Overall Dimensions Total Weight 65000 lbs
Compressor Model Reichdrill or equivalent
Compressor Type Two stages, oil flooded screw
Compressor Delivery Volume 1000 cfm
Compressor Delivery Pressure 375 psi
Pulldown Pullback Pullback 43980 lbf
Pulldown Pullback Pullback Speed (Standard) 32.25 fpm
Pulldown Pullback Pullback Speed (Rapid) 35000 lbf
Pulldown Pullback Pullback Speed (Regen) 122.44 fpm
Rotary Head Type Top head Hydraulic drive
Rotary Head Speed
Rotary Head Torque 85855 lbf/in
Drill Mast and Related Table Opening Max. 22 inch
Drill Mast and Related Head Travel 28 ft
Power Truck Truck Peterbilt 367 (6x4 chassis)
Power Truck Engine Model Cummins X15
Power Truck Engine Power 605 hp
Power Truck PTO OMSI PFT - PCVT - 3000
Power Truck PTO ratio 1:01
Drill Pipe Recommended Hole Diameter Up to 10 inch
Drill Pipe Recommended Drill Pipe Length 20 ft
Drill Pipe Total Length Capacity (9 Pod) 180 ft
Drill Pipe Drill Pipe Diameter 4.5 inch
Drill Pipe Power Breakout Cable breakout wrench, petol® chain standard equipment
Drill Pipe Wireless radio helper's remote controls for jib swing, extend and retract
Drill Pipe Caroussel index and lock
Drill Pipe Winch up and 2 speed down controls
Drill Pipe Air operated drill pipe holding wrench with hydraulic rasing-lowering
Drill Pipe Winch: 8 500 lbf (37.8 kN) with hydraulically extendable boom and 270° swing
Drill Pipe Rod box: Sloped, 15 pieces with grab rail and pipe riser
Drill Pipe Drill pipe lifting rod included as standard equipment
Main Frame Leveling Jacks 2 Front - 2 Rear
Main Frame Bore Diameter 5 inch
Main Frame Stroke (Front) 48 inch
Main Frame Stroke (Rear) 5 inch
Main Frame Jack Pad Diameter 18 inch
Cooling System Ambient Max. 120 ° F
Control Station Operator Controls Lever - Cable operated
Control Station Platforms Operator and helper included
Control Station Folding, split helper's walkway
Control Station Lockable aluminium vandal cover
Control Station Air pressure regulator for air powered tools
Control Station 20 gpm (76 Lpm) direct drive water injection pump
Control Station Torque limiter
Control Station Holdback and feed-overide all with electrical on/off control
Control Station Night light: 5 halogen
Options Rotary Head Max. 141 rpm
Options Air Compressor 375 psi
Options Air operated casing hammer (Hammer not included)
Options Hydraulic operated casing hammer mounted kit
Options Various air operated mud pump installation options
Options Sloped 18 pieces rod box with grab rail and pipe riser
Options High pressure filtration fir all remaining hydraulic pump outputs
Options Single and dual deck mounted hammer holders
Options LED night lighting upgrade



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